Tuesday, July 28, 2015

5th Annual Biking the Burbs for Beers is set for Saturday August 29 2015

BBB is a very informal bike ride through parts of Flossmoor, Chicago Heights, South Chicago Heights and Steger. It’s a chance for family anf friends to get together to enjoy a day of fresh air, activity and conversation. We will ride through several majestic old neighborhoods and give people a chance to see parts of the area that they may not see very often, and for some, areas that they have never seen. We stop at several local establishments to relax and enjoy a drink or two. All of the places we visit are family owned and operated by great people that support their local communities. They’re all old school, if you’re looking for anything new, “upscale” or trendy you will be dissappointed. There is no cost for the ride except what you choose to spend of food and drink. A buffet lunch will be available at 3 Star for $7.00. We only ask that you do not over indulge and please be generous with your servers. 
Details below-
  • The ride will depart from downtown Flossmoor at 10:30 riding through Flossmoor Park and parts of old Flossmoor to the north side of the Heights to Dino' Food and Liquors for beer and Bloody Mary's
  • From Dino's we will ride south through some of the great old neighborhoods of Chicago Heights to Paulie's Pub in South Chicago Heights.
  • A nice ride further south through portions Sauk Trail Woods bike path we will arrive at J' Martin's Tap in Steger. Bob E. Lee and his band will be on hand to play some classic rock tunes. The band does not charge a fee for playing, however, tips will be welcomed and we will pass the hat. You are sure to enjoy as it is probably the highlight of the trip. Martin's famous fruit salad will also be on hand to enjoy and give you an energy boost.
  • From Martin's we will head north to 3 Star Tavern on "The Hill" in Chigago Heights for a buffet lunch and more refreshments. Lunch will cost $8.00 and will include-
    • Italian sausage and peppers
    • Roast chicken
    • Pasta salad
    • House salad
    • Green beans
    • Roast butter and garlic potatoes
         While you're at 3 Star you can go two doors down and have your picture taken in front of the boyhood home of former Pheonix Suns owner and director of USA basketball Jerry Colangelo. 
  • After lunch we will head north through the Heights and back to Flossmoor- ETA 4:30.
  • Back in Flossmoor you can have a night cap at the IJP block party.
There will be a limited amount of BBB IV T shirts available the day of the ride- price TBD.

If you haven't been on the ride before and are not an avid cyclist don't worry, we set a very casual pace and try and enjoy the ride. Almost all of the riders that have been on the ride in the past are very casual riders. For some it's the only time all year they are on a bicycle so it is not a very demanding ride.

All of the establishments we visit are classic, old school places. Its a great ride and a great time.

The ride is open to all so invite your friends.

As always we encourage moderate drinking and heavy tipping.

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